Somersets Shaving Oil Gives You Silky Smooth Shaves

Somersets Women's Shaving Oil

My husband recently tried out Somersets Shaving Oil, and he couldn’t stop talking about what a great shave he got with it. And I had to agree, his face was noticably smoother!

It turns out that Somersets has a line of women’s shaving oils, so I decided to try them for myself. The process is a little different than you might be used to, but I promise you that it’s worth the effort.

Instead of lathering up your legs with traditional shaving gel or foam, you simply put 4-5 drops of Somersets Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil in your hand, and massage it into your (already wet) legs. Wait for the 8 essential oils to soften the hair, and then start shaving.

While it seemed a little strange at first (since I couldn’t see where I shaved already), you get used to it quickly. The difference was remarkable, the oil creating a lubrication barrier between the skin and the razor, providing more glide for a truly comfortable shave. It left my skin extra soft and moisturized, I didn’t even have to use any lotion afterwards!

The whole experience was a real eye-opener. The scent is great (it smells like the Aveda store), my legs feel incredibly soft, and the oils are actually good for my skin.

I call it a win-win-win.

Fashion Star Clothes Not Available In Stores?


I’ve been watching NBC’s Fashion Star since the beginning, and I was thrilled when it got renewed for another season. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it’s a reality show that pits designers against each other in an attempt to get bought by Macys, Saks, and Express.

Winning designs from each episode can be purchased from the store that bought it.. Last year, it was a race to the mall the day after the show aired, as winning designs sold out in record time!

Up until now, I had been discouraged by the high prices this season’s Fashion Star pieces were going for. But after seeing Cassandra’s Geo Tunic on Friday night’s episode, I had to go check it out!


So imagine my surprise when I’m told by an Express associate that they don’t actually carry the Fashion Star pieces, and that you have to order them online!?

Personally, I need to try on clothes before I buy them.. And I imagine I’m not the only one like that. So I’m surprised by their decision to make these pieces available online-only. Needless to say, they lost a sale. (Not that it matters, as the only sizes left online are X-Small and XX-Small)

Too bad, as it’s a really cute top.. šŸ™

How To Grow Your Hair By Improving Your Diet

Healthy Hair Growth

One of the biggest factors that go into the equation of hair loss treatment and having long hair is the food that goes on your plate. Believe it or not, you are what you eat is actually true. If you want to look and feel good it starts with having a healthy diet that is well planned.

Plan a Menu

I find that going to mall and just tossing in the cart what looks good to me at the moment is not actually a health idea. I generally end up with things like Nutella and instant noodles, that in themselves are not bad things, but too often is not good for your body. During the last few months I’ve found that if I plan what I should be eating and not just what I want to eat I actually feel better. Eating well even does loads for your hair. Hair doesn’t thrive on oily, sugary, or salty foods. So planning to cook at home and what to cook at home means that you can regulate things yourself. Not only that, but planning your meals for the week actually helps you to save money as well. I read an article from a magazine at the dentist’s about one mom who saved a considerable amount of money at the end of the month just by not ordering pizza. Apparently, every pizza that she did not order was able to save $20. A pretty good start!

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Never Come Between A Woman And Her Shoes!

Umberto Raffini Remi flats

Like most women, I’m obsessed with shoes. And I’ll do almost anything to get my hands on that must-have pair of shoes!

While shopping at the mall a few weeks ago, I fell in love with a pair of Leopard Suede Umberto Raffini Remi flats at The Walking Company store, and I decided to treat myself to an early birthday present.

The only problem? They didn’t have my size! And when I’m spending $120 on a pair of shoes, I want to try them on and get a feel for them..

I went to The Walking Company’s website, and they didn’t have my size available. Worse yet, they weren’t sure if they’d be getting any more in, since it’s a shoe from last season.

After calling around to a few stores, I finally found one that had my size! The mall was almost an hour away, but I was willing to make the drive since I just HAD to have them!

The store was willing to hold them for me until the weekend, since I couldn’t make it up there until then. Saturday rolls around, and just before heading up there, I decided to check online one more time. And wouldn’t you know it, now they’re showing my size available for purchase.

I quickly grabbed my credit card and purchased the shoes online, saving myself a long drive in the process. A few days pass, and I still hadn’t received an email telling me when they were going to ship, which I thought was a little weird..

So I called customer service, and come to find out that the shoes I ordered are on backorder, since they didn’t have my size in stock! WTF?!

They said someone else placed an order for the same shoes at the same time as me, and I guess their order got filled first.

Not willing to let this go, I asked for a manager and explained the whole situation to her. She found a pair at another store, and she arranged to have them shipped directly to me at no additional charge.

A week or so later, and I finally got the shoes. Yes, it was a lot of work to get them, but it was worth the effort. I love them!

Get A Free Secret Reward Card From Victoria’s Secret!

Victoria's Secret Secret Reward Card

Victoria’s Secret is doing their Secret Rewards promotion again this year, and there’s still time to get your own Secret Rewards card!

If you’re unfamiliar with the program, Secret Rewards is a limited-time rewards program that’s available to Victoria’s Secret customers. For every qualifying purchase you make between February 28th and March 31st, they’ll give you a free Secret Reward Card!

The card is worth $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, or $500! But the catch is that your Secret Reward Card value remains a mystery until you make another qualifying purchase between April 1-30th, 2013.

For me, the deal is a no-brainer. I bought a couple of undies yesterday for $10, and they gave me a Secret Rewards card. At worst, I get $10 towards my next purchase (making yesterday’s purchase essentially free). But hopefully I’ll be one of the big winners..

VS Secret Reward

Last year, a girl in front of me got a $500 card!! Here’s hoping! šŸ™‚

Celebrate Your Birthday With Some Free Treats

Birthday Cake

With my birthday right around the corner, I’ve started getting a bunch of free birthday offers in my Inbox. It’s amazing how many stores and restaurants are willing to give you free stuff for your birthday, as long as you sign up for their e-mail list. I first stumbled upon this list on FatWallet years ago, and it was a real eye opener!

Some might try and take advantage of the system, but I only sign up for places that I actually frequent. Here are some of the goodies I’ve received so far:

  • Sephora – Free Mini Real Mascara and Watts Up Highlighter
  • Benihana – Free meal up to $30
  • Aveda – Free customized gift up to $25
  • BRIO Tuscan Grille – Free Meal up to $20
  • Houlihans – Free meal up to $15
  • Red Robin – Free Burger
  • Dunkin Donuts – Free Drink

Got a birthday coming up? You might want to see if your favorite store or restaurant has an e-mail list you can sign up for. They might send you a special treat for your big day!

How To Beat Makeup-Related Skin Dryness Gently

Woman With Dry Skin

Most women apply makeup everyday, and they wouldn’t dare to step out of the house without doing so. However, makeup contains chemicals that make your skin dull and dry if not taken off every night and cleansed. You canā€™t sleep with your makeup on. If you do, the pores of your skin are bound to get clogged. Clogged pores inhibit air from entering into the skin. As a result, your skin stores a lot of toxins and becomes darkened and dull.

There are a myriad of ways to treat skin dryness. The best way is by using Aloe Vera. It’s the best skin nourisher. Our skin is naturally moist during the hot summer months due to humidity in the air. But during the winter months, you need something more than that. This goes for your face too, and even oily skin needs to be moisturized. You apply makeup during all seasons. So why not moisturize your skin at all times?

After you step out of the bathing room, make sure you apply lotion or cream over your face and neck so that it is best absorbed through a clean skin. Dry skin is more prone to flaking and giving rise to dead cells which clog the skin pores. This makes skin look patchy and drab. You must slather on a cream or a lotion several times a day to keep your hands soft and smooth.

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Zabellos Can Make Your Shoes Look Brand New Again!


My Bandolino heels that I wear for work are wonderfully comfortable and worn in. But they’ve been through a lot, and they’ve seen better days. Most people would just throw them away and look for another pair of shoes. After all, what women doesn’t love shopping for shoes??

But I actually dread the search for that perfect pair, as it usually involves me buying and returning pair after pair until I find the perfect ones that are comfortable and stylish.

So when I learned about Zabellos, a premium online shoe-repair website, I was curious. I’ve taken other shoes to local shoe repair shops, but the results have never been that great. But after learning more about the folks at Zabellos (second-generation Americans who come from a long line of old-world European cobblers) and seeing the following video that shows off their amazing work, I was sold.

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