How To Grow Your Hair By Improving Your Diet

Healthy Hair Growth

One of the biggest factors that go into the equation of hair loss treatment and having long hair is the food that goes on your plate. Believe it or not, you are what you eat is actually true. If you want to look and feel good it starts with having a healthy diet that is well planned.

Plan a Menu

I find that going to mall and just tossing in the cart what looks good to me at the moment is not actually a health idea. I generally end up with things like Nutella and instant noodles, that in themselves are not bad things, but too often is not good for your body. During the last few months I’ve found that if I plan what I should be eating and not just what I want to eat I actually feel better. Eating well even does loads for your hair. Hair doesn’t thrive on oily, sugary, or salty foods. So planning to cook at home and what to cook at home means that you can regulate things yourself. Not only that, but planning your meals for the week actually helps you to save money as well. I read an article from a magazine at the dentist’s about one mom who saved a considerable amount of money at the end of the month just by not ordering pizza. Apparently, every pizza that she did not order was able to save $20. A pretty good start!

How to Plan a Menu

In general following the food pyramid is a good place to start for improving your health. Taking the time to cook healthy food does take a little extra time, but it is time that is well spent. Our bodies thrive on nutrients that are received from eating healthy and balanced diets. Nutritious food provides our bodies with energy, keeps our hair growing strong, our hearts beating, our brains active, and our muscles strong. Following the food pyramid is the first place to look for what you should be including in your diet and in what quantities. The ideal food pyramid goes like this:

6-11 Servings from the Bread, Cereal, Rice, and Pasta Group
3-5 Servings of vegetable group
2-4 Servings of the Fruit Group
2-3 Servings of the Milk, Yoghurt, and Cheese Group
2-3 Servings of Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dry Beans and Nuts Group
Sparing Servings of Fats, Oils, and Sweets group.

Hair Foods…

Following the food pyramid is the first place to start if you want to improve your diet and if you want some real hair loss treatment. There are certain foods in the food pyramid that can really help to boost the growth of your hair. So here are some foods that are perfect for growing your hair longer and stronger:

Brown Rice
Carbohydrates to helps provide energy for the building of strong hair. Brown rice is perfect at providing sustained energy and also packs B vitamins, which are needed for strong hair growth and maintenance.

Lack of vitamin B6 in the diet has been attributed to hair thinning and hair loss. This important B vitamin is responsible for helping the body absorb the nutrients it receives from the food we eat.

On top of this, the availability of this vitamin has an effect on the production of red blood cells. These cells nurture your hair follicles, making sure they have all they need for great shine and growth.

These sea loving filter feeders contain zinc, an important mineral known for its antioxidant properties and its role in healthy hair maintenance. These may not be a regular member of your diet, but you can also get similar levels of this nutrient from either beef or lamb.

Lack of protein in the diet can be a problem for the hair. Leading to brittle hair strands, and in chronic cases, loss of hair colour. Your feathered friends, chicken and turkey contain all the protein you would need to maintain a healthy head of hair. Iron is also plentiful in poultry, which is important in the maintenance of the hair follicles.

Dark Green Veggies
A colourful diet not only improves your health, but also the health of your hair. Dark leafy greens, such as spinach and broccoli, contain iron and calcium – which are important nutrients for the hair.

Also, the look of your hair is helped by the production of natural oils, such as sebum. This oil is a natural hair conditioner, and green foods are packed full of vitamins A and C – which are needed for its production.

Protein is an important component to building each hair strand, and your hair can suffer if you’re not eating enough.

Adding eggs to your menu in whatever form (poached, scrambled, fried, etc) is a great way of feeding your hair. Also, they contain great levels of biotin and vitamin B12.

Better known for their role in keeping your eyes and vision healthy, carrots also help with a healthy head of hair.

Containing vitamin A, these vegetables help you get that shiny well-conditioned look by maintaining the natural oils in the hair and keeping your scalp in tip top condition.

These important legumes, along with pulses, are an important food for your hair. They not only contain plentiful amounts of iron and zinc but also protein, which is an important building block for hair. In addition they also contain biotin, an important B vitamin, which can improve the hair’s strength against breakages.

Walnuts, cashews and pecans are a great source of zinc, an important mineral which can slow hair loss and thinning.

Selenium is also found in walnuts. This important mineral is vital for the health of your scalp, and it therefore decreases the likelihood of you getting dandruff.

A small handful of a selection of these nuts is a great addition to your daily diet.

Whole grains
Wholegrain food options contain the nutrients important for hair, these being zinc, B vitamins and iron. Zinc is used to regulate hormones that can have a direct affect on the thickness and growth of your hair. Having enough zinc in your diet will make sure your hair is protected.

The oily varieties, such as salmon and mackerel, contain fatty acids, such as omega 3, which can slow hair loss.

Fish also contains a good supply of iron and vitamin B12, which ensures healthy skin and hair. Iron is stored in your hair follicles and used by the body for other means. If the body is depleted of iron, these stores are used by other cells and the hair suffers.

The low-fat varieties can feed your hair without you piling on the extra pounds. Foods such as cottage cheese and yoghurt are cheap and convenient ways to get important protein types (casein and whey) into your hair to feed it and keep it strong.

Other Supplements
Of course, if you’ve been already eating healthy for what seems like forever and have not had any results, then don’t worry. Consult your hair care specialists or hair stylist for some advice or tricks of the trade. There are hair care products out, like Regaine, that are made for improving hair growth. The nice thing about Regaine is that is fairly easy to use with no mess or nasty side effects involved. Washing and conditioning your hair is only a start to good hair. The next step is to feed it well.

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