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Review: Toonish Black Cat iPhone 5 Case

Toonish black cat iPhone 5 case

When the folks at EZ Buys Direct asked if we’d be interested in trying out their Toonish Black Cat case for the iPhone 5, we couldn’t resist.

Rugged yet versatile, the case is made out of durable soft gel silicon, which provides a high level of scratch and shock resistance ensuring your phone remains protected at all times. Designed to provide a snug and secure fit for your phone while keeping dirt and dust off, the open face design is practical as it allows you to easily access all essential buttons, audio and charging ports.

The case is absolutely adorable, and it gets a lot of attention from others. And the best part? It’s only $8.00!

So what are you waiting for? Order your case today.

Somersets Shaving Oil Gives You Silky Smooth Shaves

Somersets Women's Shaving Oil

My husband recently tried out Somersets Shaving Oil, and he couldn’t stop talking about what a great shave he got with it. And I had to agree, his face was noticably smoother!

It turns out that Somersets has a line of women’s shaving oils, so I decided to try them for myself. The process is a little different than you might be used to, but I promise you that it’s worth the effort.

Instead of lathering up your legs with traditional shaving gel or foam, you simply put 4-5 drops of Somersets Extra Sensitive Shaving Oil in your hand, and massage it into your (already wet) legs. Wait for the 8 essential oils to soften the hair, and then start shaving.

While it seemed a little strange at first (since I couldn’t see where I shaved already), you get used to it quickly. The difference was remarkable, the oil creating a lubrication barrier between the skin and the razor, providing more glide for a truly comfortable shave. It left my skin extra soft and moisturized, I didn’t even have to use any lotion afterwards!

The whole experience was a real eye-opener. The scent is great (it smells like the Aveda store), my legs feel incredibly soft, and the oils are actually good for my skin.

I call it a win-win-win.

Review: Incipio SILICRYLIC Hard Shell Case

I recently got a new smartphone (Samsung Focus 2), and I needed to find a case to keep it safe. I have a bad habit of dropping things, and this phone’s smooth exterior made me nervous.

Unfortunately, my case options were limited. There are literally THOUSANDS of cases for my husband’s iPhone, but most case manufacturers don’t bother with phones that will be gone tomorrow.

In the end, I ended up buying an Incipio SILICRYLIC Hard Shell Case with Silicone Core, in a wonderful purple/gray color. At $29.99, it’s not the cheapest thing out there, but I liked how it was designed. The case features a silicone core for shock absorption, and a rigid shell to ward against dents and scratches.

I really love the case, and feel like it was well worth the money! Incipio makes cases for virtually every smartphone on the market, so check out their website if you’re looking for a quality case like mine.

Picked Up A Golla Universal Tablet Sleeve For My iPad

Since I’m doing a lot of traveling this year, I wanted to get a tablet sleeve to protect my precious iPad. While my Griffin IntelliCase does a good job at protecting my iPad, I still wanted something with a little more padding. My only prerequisite – It had to be pink!

I found the Golla Universal Tablet Sleeve at a Verizon store, and it was exactly what I was looking for! It was a little pricier than I had hoped for ($29.99), but sometimes you have to treat yourself to something nice!

Here’s the details on the sleeve:
Durable sleeve with soft corduroy inner lining protects your tablet against dirt, dust, and daily wear and tear. Zippered pocket provides fast and easy accessibility while slim design minimizes added bulk. Compact size allows for easy storage in a travel bag and is perfect for those on the go.


  • Ultra-slim design – Does not add excess bulk and allows for easy portability Zipper closing – Keeps your device secure and readily accessible
  • Protective lining under zipper – Prevents scratches to tablet
  • Soft corduroy lining – Protects your tablet display against scratches and damage

It’s a universal sleeve, but if you’ve got something other than an iPad, you might want to check beforehand and make sure your tablet will fit. My iPad fits into the sleeve without taking off my Griffin IntelliCase, which is a huge plus. It’s a snug fit, but it works.