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Why You Should Steer Clear Of Counterfeit Bags

Purse From Belize

My friend recent cruised to the Caribbean and visited Belize. When she got off the ship, she noticed that pretty much all the stores at port were selling knock-off purses (Coach, LV, Burberry, etc) at unbelievable prices. Most surprising to her was how open they were about selling these counterfeit bags.

As she walked through one of the shops, she fell in love with this purple Prada purse on display. Something about the design caught her eye, and suddenly she found herself haggling with the shop owner. They wanted $50, and they weren’t budging on the price. Even though this was more than she wanted to spend (you can get a knock-off on Canal Street for $25), she decided to go ahead and buy it.

Unfortunately, she found out the hard way that you get what you pay for. In two months time, the “leather” zipper pull had ripped off, and a pocket in the lining of the purse had torn because the material was so thin. If she used it any longer, no doubt other issues would have popped up.

Now it sits in her closet, a reminder of her bad decision.. The moral of the story?

Steer clear of knock-off purses!

Showing Off My New Fossil Purse!

A few years back while visiting my Mom in Arizona, she bought me a Fossil leather purse. The purse always got compliments, and even after all these years, it still looks and feels brand new! The quality of Fossil’s leather is incredible.

I visited my Mom in Arizona over Thanskgiving, and she took me out on Black Friday for some retail therapy. Our first stop was the Tanger Outlets!

We visited both the Fossil and Michael Kors stores in search of the perfect purse. Both stores had a great selection of purses to choose from, but I really fell in love with the Fossil Maddox Python Satchel. I usually go for a “safe” black or brown color, but the Python print really caught my attention.

The Maddox satchel offers a lot of versatility, and just look at the eye-catching details of the bag! Soft embossed leather and classic hardware make this a go-to bag, while belting details add a vintage-inspired flair.

The Maddox Satchel usually sells for $218, but the outlet store had it for $159.99. And since it was Black Friday, they took off an additional 40%!

And I couldn’t help myself, I had to get the matching wallet as well. 🙂

A pretty good deal, don’t you think?