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Watch As This Adorable Pug Discovers A Ball Pit

Baby pugs are freaking adorable, that goes without saying, But when Mel Stringer filled the playpen of her baby pug Grover with plastic balls and his favorite toys and placed him inside, it took things to a whole other level.

Now this could’ve ended in a variety of ways, but pair a dog’s ability to get excited over anything with the introduction of something new and really there was only one possible outcome.

Watch the video for yourself and see how a ball pit made this pug’s life!

Jesse Is The Most Amazing Dog You’ll Ever See!

Meet Just Jesse The Jack, an amazing Jack Russell Terrier who does all kinds of tricks. He’s become Internet famous due to his outrageous YouTube videos, and this video has got to be one of my favorites.

In “Useful Dog Tricks 3”, we watch as Jesse tackles chores that most humans don’t find enjoyable, all while sporting his award-winning smile. He finds new ways to help out around the house, including vacuuming, dusting, cleaning up puddles, as well as being a well-rounded member of the community by helping clean up garbage at the local park.

Pretty crazy, right? I wish I had a little pooch like Jesse! 🙂