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Ford Treats Me To A Sweet Mustang Manicure!

Mustang - Pedi To The Metal

A few weeks ago, Ford brought me out to Dearborn Michigan to attend their annual Go Further With Ford event, a 3-day trend conference that covers a wide variety of topics. As some of you might remember, I attending this event last year and I had a great time, so I was really looking forward to seeing what they had in store for us this time around.

When I checked in at the registration desk, they told me that complimentary manicures were starting at 2pm. OMG, this trip was already off to a great start!

With about an hour to spare, I went to my room, unpacked, and then headed downstairs to get some lunch. Afterwards, I headed to the hospitality suite where the manicures were being given and got in line. (Apparently word traveled fast)

OPI Pony Pack

Now you might find it odd that a car company was giving out free manis, but it turns out that Ford and OPI had partnered on a limited-edition nail lacquer collection inspired by the iconic Mustang. The OPI Ford Mustang collection features six standout shades that all capturing the spirit, passion and excitement of Ford Mustang.

Ford Mustang by OPI includes these six limited-edition shades:

  • Race Red: The hero color of the collection, Race Red pays tribute to one of Mustang’s signature colors and brings to life the passion and excitement of the iconic car
  • Queen of the Road: Inspired by Mustang’s dramatic and perfectly appointed cabin, a black interior evokes sophistication and will always be a classic – just like the little black dress
  • 50 Years of Style: Just like Mustang, celebrate all your milestones with this made-to-party golden pearl
  • Girls Love Ponies: A woman is multifaceted; this grown-up pink acts as a reminder of her femininity, even as she takes to the wheel of the powerful pony
  • The Sky’s My Limit: There is nothing like the freedom of the open road and shimmering, endless blue sky. This aqua hue awakens a woman’s sense of adventure and is a trend shade for summer going into the fall.
  • Angel with a Leadfoot: Drive up and say “halo” to this celestial white. Whether worn alone or as an accent, white is essential to a woman’s wardrobe and to making a statement

OPI Mustang Colors

I decided to try Girls Love Ponies, a shade that’s bolder than I normally opt for. I ended up LOVING the color, so much so that I bought a bottle of it from ULTA when I got back home. They’ve also got a Pony Pack sampler, so you can try out the other shades and see which ones you like the best.

Thanks for Ford for treating us girls to manicures at Go Further With Ford!

Give Your Nails A Delicate And Dazzling Nail Art Touch!


Are you finicky with the state of your nails? Well, most women are. Since our hands are in our direct view most of the times, our nails are the ones that catch our eye. If they are clean, neat and dazzling, we feel proud. Dirty, dull, broken nails make us feel awful and give those around us an impression that we put our hygiene at the backburner.

Getting a manicure done is of paramount importance, at least, once every 2 months. If you frequently need to show off your hands, then once is month may be necessary. Donning a nail art is not so simple. You need the grace and charm to carry off the look. Your hands need to be perfectly manicured.

Only chiselled nails can pull off the nail art well. You may go for classic manicure, or you may opt for the more stylish French manicure for those square-shaped nails. Whatever you choose, make sure your nails are perfectly clipped or filed. Unshapely nails don’t look good even if you have used the best nail paints or designed them with the most beautiful and intricate nail art designs.

Choosing a nail paint that will suit you is important. Usually, ladies go for those shades that suit most of their dresses that they wish to wear in a particular season. For summers, pastel shades look wonderful. Though there is no fixed rule, such colours also go well with the mood of the season. Pastel or light coloured clothes are preferred during summers and so are nails paints.

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