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Top 3 Fashion Game Apps on Android

Perhaps one of the reasons why mobile games are so popular with people all over the world is because anyone can find a game on the app market that they can relate to and enjoy. Whether you’re a puzzle lover, a casino game enthusiast, or an action RPG gamer, you will find what you’re looking for among the 1,405,245 apps in Android’s Play Store.

Apart from the usual aforementioned game genres, there are also titles for Android that provide a different kind of game play, including fashion-based games. While the past would have seen fashion games be relegated to nothing more than dress-up dolls, today’s fashion apps are so much more. Just as Spin Genie seeks to integrate boring slot machine gameplay with adventure-RPG elements, today’s fashion apps are more immersive and entertaining, easily eating away at hours of your life without you knowing it. Fashionistas will be happy to know that there are several noteworthy ones, including:

Mobile app developer Glu may have stumbled across the single greatest mix of genres in fashion apps with KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD. Playing on the success of Kim K herself, the game has become one of the most talked-about apps today. Quite reminiscent of Glu’s earlier game, Stardom, the Kim K game puts you in control of an avatar that you guide from humble beginnings to success and stardom. If you’ve ever had dreams of hitting it big and scoring modeling and acting gigs, dating the hottest celebs, and being BFFs with Kim Kardashian herself, then this is the app for you.

Fashion Star Boutique
Dreaming of owning your very own boutique? Turn that dream into gaming reality by playing Fashion Star Boutique. In this game, players express their creativity by designing clothes for the clients that they’ll encounter in the game. Players may also showcase their talents by making clothes that can earn them fame and fortune based on the aesthetic beauty of their design. This game has already been downloaded around 1 million times and has been named Best App 2012 In Style & Beauty by iPhone Life.

Fashion Icon
Fashion Icon is perhaps one of the most beautiful fashion-based games on Android. Players get to spoil themselves and are able to become a shopaholic in the most stylish boutiques in the game. Fashion Icon utilizes an MMORPG style of game play where players can interact with other players from all over the world, participate in fashion missions, and fully customize their avatars with thousands of clothes and accessories. The game is graphics-heavy so it’s probably best to use a phone with at least a dual-core processor. With an RPG game play and lots of fashionable things to do, this game brings the best of both worlds to gamers and fashionistas alike.

There are many other fashion-based games on Android’s Play Store but these three are quite possibly the best ones out there. Do you have any fashion games that you love playing? Share them in the comments section below!