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McCormick & Schmick’s Steak & Lobster Sundays

Oh my, look what just landed in my Inbox!

I haven’t had a chance to eat at McCormick & Schmick’s yet, and this gives me the perfect excuse to do so. Looks like a good deal, don’t you think?

Picked Up A Golla Universal Tablet Sleeve For My iPad

Since I’m doing a lot of traveling this year, I wanted to get a tablet sleeve to protect my precious iPad. While my Griffin IntelliCase does a good job at protecting my iPad, I still wanted something with a little more padding. My only prerequisite – It had to be pink!

I found the Golla Universal Tablet Sleeve at a Verizon store, and it was exactly what I was looking for! It was a little pricier than I had hoped for ($29.99), but sometimes you have to treat yourself to something nice!

Here’s the details on the sleeve:
Durable sleeve with soft corduroy inner lining protects your tablet against dirt, dust, and daily wear and tear. Zippered pocket provides fast and easy accessibility while slim design minimizes added bulk. Compact size allows for easy storage in a travel bag and is perfect for those on the go.


  • Ultra-slim design – Does not add excess bulk and allows for easy portability Zipper closing – Keeps your device secure and readily accessible
  • Protective lining under zipper – Prevents scratches to tablet
  • Soft corduroy lining – Protects your tablet display against scratches and damage

It’s a universal sleeve, but if you’ve got something other than an iPad, you might want to check beforehand and make sure your tablet will fit. My iPad fits into the sleeve without taking off my Griffin IntelliCase, which is a huge plus. It’s a snug fit, but it works.

‘Honey Boo Boo’ Gets Her Own Show On TLC

It’s hard to believe, but Toddlers & Tiaras contestant Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has gotten her own spin-off show on TLC. Who’d have thought that a simple catch phrase like “A dolla make me holla Honey Boo Boo” would lead to worldwide notoriety?!

I’ve seen the commercials, and the show looks hysterical! Her family is.. colorful, to say the least, and TLC exploits them to the fullest!

I’m calling it – Here Comes Honey Boo Boo will be the surprise hit of the summer.

Review: Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss

So I’ve been wanting to try out the Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss line since a friend of mine’s been raving about her lip gloss. I was kind of skeptical at first, especially since the catalog price was $14.00. But I decided to go for it, and it was a great decision!

The first color I bought was Pink Luster, which was a little too dark for me. I was able to return it, and I went with Au Naturel (seen above) instead, which was perfect.

The best part about this lip gloss is that it wasn’t sticky, like so many others out there. In addition, I didn’t have to constantly reapply it on my lips, the lip gloss stayed on for most of the day.

I really hope they don’t get rid of this color, as I definitely plan on ordering it again later this year.